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A whole and simple to regulate appointments reserving machine for busy Salons.

Salon Reserving is an entire and simple to regulate appointments reserving machine to assist your corporation getting extra reservations in your web site and saving a large number of time together with your time table control duties.

Salon reserving has been evolved serious about the commonest wishes of Hairdressing salons, Barbers stores, Beauticians, Therapists, Spas, Clinics, Game amenities leases and many others.


  • Again-end calendar
  • Montly view
  • Weekly view
  • Day by day view
  • Bookings export
  • Including reservation from day-to-day view
  • Block out time slots from day-to-day view

Salon basic settings

  • E mail notifications on new reservation
  • E mail notification to chose assistant
  • E mail reminder for the purchasers
  • E mail followup
  • E mail evaluate notification
  • E mail notification customized emblem
  • Customized e-mail message to the purchasers
  • SMS notification on new reservation
  • SMS notification to chose assistant
  • SMS reminder for the purchasers
  • SMS followup
  • SMS verification code in opposition to junk mail
  • SMS Aplhanumeric ID supported
  • Twilio, Plivo and 1p1sms suppliers supported
  • Whatsapp notifications supported
  • set you favorite date and time structure
  • set when your week begins
  • WordPress Editors as Salon Administrator

Salon reserving regulations

  • 3 bookings strategies BASIC / ADVANCED / HIGH END
  • Reserving time vary ( from no less than .. to a most of prematurely )
  • A couple of weekly timetable regulations
  • Time vary validty possibility for the weekly reserving regulations
  • A couple of vacations regulations
  • Offset between reservations
  • Alternate reserving shape steps order ( Date&time – Services and products – Assistants – Checkout – Fee or opposite )
  • Handbook reserving affirmation
  • Customers reserving cancellation
  • Pause on-line reserving shape

Salon bills choices

  • Permit online bills
  • Pay later possibility
  • Share or fastened quantity deposit
  • Computerized cancellation possibility for unpaid reservations
  • Disguise costs
  • Decimals and thousand separators possibility
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Customized cost strategies supported
  • Authentic add-on for “Mollie”, “Sq.”, “Worldpay”, “Paystack”, “RedSys” and “Paytrail”

Salon checkout choices

  • Permit visitor checkout
  • Power visitor checkout
  • Prohibit the choice of products and services bookable on the identical time
  • Regulate shape fields
  • Log-in with Fb account
  • Permit Complicated Bargain Device
  • Including customized fields

Two tactics Google Calendar synchronisation

  • Synchronise reservations on salon administrator’s Google Calendar account
  • Salon admin can upload and cancel reservations from his Google Calendar account

Entrance-end reserving shape styling

  • Select amongst 3 other reserving shape sizes in step with your web page format
  • Customized colours palette generator

Assistants settings

  • A couple of weekly timetable regulations
  • A couple of vacations regulations
  • Prohibit reservations to express products and services
  • A couple of reservations for a similar slot for school rooms reserving
  • Google Calendar synchronisation
  • SMS notification when he’s booked
  • E mail notification when he’s booked

Services and products settings

  • Value
  • Length
  • Unit according to hour
  • Class grouping
  • A couple of weekly timetable regulations
  • No assistant required possibility
  • Provider damage ( now you’ll choose as much as 3 hours divided in multiples of your moderate consultation length )
  • Conditional “Secondary products and services”
  • Direct reserving hyperlink
  • Unique provider

Complicated Bargain Device

  • Create limitless coupon codes
  • Create limitless reductions in response to a couple of standards

for extra main points in this phase discuss with:

Consumers archive

  • Record of shoppers
  • Main points web page of every buyer with listing of his reservations and feedbacks
  • Buyer’s bookings statistics


  • Stats on reservations and revenues
  • Stats on reservations and revenues by way of products and services
  • Stats on reservations and revenues by way of assistant
  • Stats on reservations and revenues by way of shoppers
  • E mail weekly file


  • Uploading machine from different platform (Customers, Services and products and Assistants)

Frontend pages

  • Reserving shape web page [salon/]
  • Non-public shoppers reservations control web page [salon_booking_my_account]
  • Assistants bookings calendar [salon_booking_calendar]
  • Assistants listing [salon_booking_assistant]
  • Services and products listing [salon_booking_services]

Restful API

  • A whole set of API to make use of Salon Reserving Device inside of your 3rd birthday celebration programs

Issues & Plugin compatibility problems**

  • Disable Bootstrap Javascript
  • Disable Bootstrap CSS

Additional information at Salon Reserving Device.” rel=”nofollow”>

Set up

This phase describes learn how to set up the plugin and get it operating.

1. Add `salon-free` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` listing
1. Turn on the plugin in the course of the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
1. Pass to Salon > Settings to finish your salon settings

Often Requested Questions

= What sort of industry this plugins highest suits? =

This plugin has been evolved serious about the precise wishes of Barber Store, Hairdressing salon, Attractiveness Centres and Spas.

= Which model of WordPress this plugin calls for? =

The plugin has been examined on WordPress 4.0

= Which model of php is supported? =

The plugin helps php 5.4 and above model.

= Is it multi language able? =

YES, Salon Reserving comes supplied with a large number of languages translation.
Simply set your favorite WordPress language and Salon Reserving will use that language.
You’ll be able to easyly organize the interpretation the usage of a plugin like LocoTranslate.

Languages to be had:

If you wish to contribuite to plugin translation please discuss with:

= Are there any conflicts with different plugins? =

Some caching plugins may generate conflicts with our plugin.

= Is it imaginable to customize the feel and appear of the plugin front-end? =

Sure, pass to “Settings > Taste > Colour mixture” choices

= Is It imaginable to regulate a couple of places? =

Sure however with a devoted add-on that you’ll in finding right here:

= I’m the usage of Divi theme and the kinds accordion doens’t paintings

Have a look at this information:



Safety factor fastened
Added a brand new ID column inside of Services and products and Assistants sections
Added a brand new “Replica” hyperlink for Services and products and Assistants
Mounted factor with Stripe
Modified the behaviour of the RESCHEDULE button
Added REPEAT BOOKING possibility on Reserving My Account web page
Mounted factor on Assistant variety
Computerized replace for Codecanyon model customers
Added Fast Edit motion for Assistants
Mounted lacking buyer cope with throughout the notifical e-mail


Minor fixes


Mounted factor with the damaged reserving shape format
Mounted factor with lacking shoppers reservations inside of his non-public account web page


Mounted safety factor
Restored “Permit Complicated Bargain Device” possibility
Stepped forward order of a few choices settings on back-end
Restored the “Welcome display” on the first actual plugin activation
Added a brand new “Services and products classes” merchandise menù to simply get entry to to them


Mounted computer virus with languaes on Polylang
Customized checkbox box checked by way of default even on back-end
OVH add-on computer virus fastened


Added a customized box validation on back-end reserving introduction


Mounted improper buyer main points throughout the comments e-mail request
Added reserving cancellation for visitor customers
Complicated Bargain Device enabled by way of default
Repair for wrongly cancelled reservations after cost


Mounted “Stripe locale”
Added strategy to disable the primary e-mail notification earlier than the cost final touch
Mounted back-end settings selects pieces order
Added a “shop_id” parameter to the Services and products and Assistants shortcode for Multi-Stores strengthen


Mounted Services and products Shortcode reserving hyperlink when Multi-Stores is enabled
Show the Store title throughout the Google Calendar tournament when Multi-Stores is enabled


Mounted Polylang compatibility factor
Mounted Services and products import device


Mounted computer virus improper “Organize account” button inside of notification e-mail
Mounted WPML and Polylang compatibility


Up to date API
Mounted “BASIC” Reserving Means
Mounted computer virus of improper reserving value inside of e-mail notification
Added a brand new strategy to disable “Select an assistant for me”


Added new possibility throughout the “Google Calendar” tab: put up “Fee pending” reservations
Mounted computer virus with products and services “E book now” button
Mounted random affiliation of assistant to the reservation when “Alternate order” is energetic
API insects fastened
API up to date


Mounted computer virus “You wish to have higer permission…” on first set up
API up to date


Added put up timestamp to API
Mounted sluggish Lock/Release time slots
Mounted factor with front-end date-picker availabilty illustration
Mounted computer virus with Estonian language


Up to date Stripe API library
Mounted computer virus with front-end assistans calendar shortcode
Mounted problems with reductions regulations
API integration to strengthen Multi-Stores add-on


Mounted factor of lacking menu pieces


Mounted computer virus on checkout
Mounted php warnings


Mounted computer virus on check-out when “visitor checkout” is enabled


New e-mail notifications format
New weekly e-mail file format
Reserving procedure ultimate step restyled
Mounted reserving seek by way of ID
Mounted back-end reserving main points web page html markup
Mounted insects with WPML


Mounted computer virus on blockading hours from day-to-day view calendar
Mounted computer virus on alert message when choose a no longer to be had date/time from back-end
Make Google Calendar tournament main points textual content strings translatable
Translate Fb login pop-up
Direct provider reserving URL fastened
Mounted insects on API
Added new API endpoints


Mounted factor with lacking translations


Mounted factor with php 7.2


Mounted computer virus on products and services order when added to reserving from back-end
Mounted computer virus with Eesti language
Mounted computer virus with customized colours
Mounted all Php warnings and notices
Mounted factor with Google Calendar authentication
Mounted E mail Reminder customized textual content
Mounted factor with blockading hours on back-end calendar
Mounted overlapping products and services throughout the assistant abilities box
Mounted factor with reservation with Unfastened quantity and Showed standing
Added RTL compatibility
Added Disguise on front-end possibility inside of products and services settings web page
Reserving Quantity box now could be editalbe
Added hyperlinks so as to add reservation to Google Calendar, MS Outlook and ICal inside of notification e-mail


Mounted computer virus sanification problems with WordPress 5.1
Mounted computer virus with Fb login
Fixded computer virus on front-end calendar shortcode
Mounted computer virus on block hours shape back-end calendar
Mounted computer virus on “whole” button disappeared
Mounted computer virus on “display_post_states” serve as
Added Welcome display on activation
Added “RE-SCHEDULE” characteristic on “Reserving my account” web page


Stepped forward back-end assistant/provider variety UI
Again-end calendar “Assistant view” possibility now could be saving the environment
Mounted lacking text-domain textual content strings
Up to date .pot report with lacking textual content strings
Mounted computer virus with Bulgarian language
Added strategy to customise SMS notification
Google Calendar authentication factor fastened
SMS to a couple of assistants fastened
Added parameter for patrons profile customized fields


Mounted computer virus on front-end reserving shape
Mounted computer virus on conditional secondary products and services
Mounted computer virus with Bulgarian language


Mounted computer virus with Chinese language languages
Mounted computer virus with back-end calendar weekly view
Mounted computer virus with “Assistant variety > most effective from back-end”
Mounted computer virus with WPML
Stepped forward bookings illustration on day-to-day view


Got rid of needless recordsdata from Goole API library
Mounted computer virus with back-end calendar
Mounted computer virus on reductions


  • Added new strategy to disable the “2nd shift” into the reserving regulations
  • Added new strategy to permit the assistant variety most effective from back-end
  • Added new “visual” = “public” parameter to [salon_booking_calendar] shortcode
  • Added new “days” parameter to [salon_booking_calendar] shortcode
  • Added risk to cancel a reservation from Google Calendar
  • Added Whatsapp strengthen for SMS notifications
  • Added “quantity to be paid” throughout the reserving main points
  • Added extra reserving main points throughout the SMS notification
  • Added assistant availability test throughout the drop-down menù all the way through back-end reserving introduction
  • Mounted computer virus on shoppers seek box
  • Mounted computer virus on including shoppers from back-end
  • Mounted back-end calendar beginning week day
  • Mounted provider reserving direct hyperlink
  • Mounted computer virus on customized box saving


  • Mounted computer virus on person uploading device


  • Got rid of on-line bills choices from the loose model


  • Mounted computer virus with the import device
  • Mounted computer virus with the Romanian language
  • Mounted computer virus on back-end calendar date standing bar
  • Got rid of reserving limits from the loose model
  • Got rid of on-line bills choices from the loose model
  • Trojan horse repair for reservations with php error
  • Trojan horse repair assistant variety on cellular
  • Google Calendar authentication procedure
  • Trojan horse repair with time slot block
  • Higher the practice up e-mail characters quantity


  • Got rid of bookings prohibit
  • Got rid of license activation
  • Changed the plugin area
  • Right kind sanitization of all enter knowledge


  • Php minimal requirement is 5.4 model
  • Added a CSS elegance to “loose” products and services on front-end reserving shape
  • Added a CSS elegance to “SMS code verification” step
  • Mounted warfare with WPMAIL SMTP
  • Mounted computer virus with “bookings overlap”
  • Mounted computer virus with “Vacations regulations”
  • Mounted computer virus with products and services variety from back-end on IOS tool
  • Mounted e-mail notification to a couple of assistants
  • Mounted lacking reserving scores stars into back-end
  • Mounted lacking translating strings
  • Mounted php mistakes
  • Mounted Google Calendar API library
  • Mounted cut price computer virus on back-end
  • Mounted computer virus with AVADA theme


  • Mounted computer virus on by way of assistant day-to-day view on back-end calendar


  • Mounted computer virus


  • Added a brand new tab with the client non-public knowledge shape inside of “Reserving my account web page”
  • Integration with “Wp Privateness Exporter and Eraser” API
  • Now reductions will also be added from the back-end to every reservation
  • Added “a couple of reservations” possibility throughout the assistant web page main points
  • Mounted error with Czech language
  • Mounted computer virus with WPML and Slovenian language
  • Mounted modal window for comments submission
  • Mounted mispelled textual content strings in English


  • Stepped forward back-end calendar day-to-day view UI so as to add a brand new reservation or block some timeslots
  • Added two new front-end shortcodes to listing assistants [salon_booking_assistant] and products and services [salon_booking_services]
  • Trojan horse repair with Romanian language
  • Trojan horse repair with German language
  • Trojan horse repair with Dutch language
  • Mounted back-end reserving seek by way of person title
  • Mounted computer virus on reviews phase
  • Mounted computer virus with Brazilian Actual
  • Mounted computer virus with Brazilian language
  • Mounted computer virus with Estonian language
  • Added a parameter to restrict the assistants inside of this shortcode [salon_booking_calendar assistants=5 ]
  • Mounted back-end reserving modal window scroll on cellular


  • fastened computer virus with German language
  • fastened computer virus with Russian language
  • fastened some php notices and warnings


  • fastened computer virus on day-to-day view back-end calendar / place of reservations


  • Now you’ll upload vacations regulations from back-end calendar day-to-day view
  • Added a brand new strategy to setup your favorite back-end calendar view
  • Stepped forward back-end settings UI
  • Mounted computer virus with Estonian and Catalan language on date picker
  • Mounted drawback with lengthy texts on reserving shape buttons
  • Mounted computer virus with reserving cancellation time
  • Mounted computer virus on “save” reserving from back-end


  • Mounted computer virus with date/time picker localization
  • Mounted computer virus with “drive visitor check-out”


  • Risk so as to add customized fields on checkout shape


  • Mounted computer virus on datepicker – bizarre date
  • Mounted computer virus on “Pause on-line reserving shape” transfer possibility
  • Mounted php error
  • Mounted reserving modal window from back-end calendar on pill


  • Settings refactoring
  • Mounted reserving modifying modal window computer virus on pill
  • Mounted computer virus on Income by way of provider file
  • Mounted computer virus on https web pages on PayPal


  • Mounted computer virus with translation recordsdata
  • Mounted computer virus with Deutsch


  • All of the languages to be had are already bundled and to be had throughout the plugin
  • Mounted computer virus with Dutch language
  • Mounted computer virus with WPML


  • Mounted computer virus on reserving machine
  • Mounted javascript error on reserving shape


  • Mounted computer virus with “Unique provider” possibility
  • Mounted computer virus with SMS notifications to shoppers
  • Mounted computer virus with the appointment machine


  • Added a 2nd availabilty keep an eye on on the finish of reserving procedure to steer clear of double bookings
  • Mounted lacking alert on Assistant unavailability when including reservations from back-end
  • Added “DELETE” button on “New reservations from back-end calendar”
  • Mounted computer virus with Swedish language
  • Mounted “Invalid license” factor
  • Added a brand new strategy to ship out an e-mail to the buyer after in the future from the ultimate appointment soliciting for a evaluate submission
  • Mounted computer virus with php 5.3 model
  • Added Polylang strengthen
  • Got rid of “All the time” possibility from the “Reserving time vary”


  • Complicated Bargain Device bundled into Salon Reserving
  • Drag&Drop to type assistants order
  • Computerized refresh of “Assistants calendar” when new reservations has come
  • Show remark opinions inside of “Reservations historical past” tab on “Reserving my account” web page


  • Enhancements of Google Calendar synch – now upload new shoppers on reservation from G.C.
  • Mounted computer virus on reserving machine
  • Added URL of reservation inside of Google Calendar tournament description
  • Mounted computer virus on including new buyer with an current e-mail cope with
  • Mounted date structure constant into GC tournament
  • Got rid of auto-login URL expiration
  • Stepped forward reserving rule “All the time legitimate” possibility login


  • Mounted computer virus on reserving machine
  • Mounted computer virus on reservations date structure on Google Calendar
  • Mounted computer virus on reserving regulations after the fifth rule


  • Mounted computer virus with reserving machine
  • Mounted products and services “Auto draft” computer virus
  • Mounted Yoast Unfastened warfare


  • Mounted computer virus with Yen forex on Stripe


  • Mounted warfare with YOAST PREMIUM
  • Mounted lacking padding at the front-end reserving shape
  • Coupon box no longer editable from cellular tool
  • “shut” button on date/picker now it may be translatable
  • Mounted computer virus with French model
  • Mounted computer virus with Uploading modal window


  • Now you’ll upload reservation from back-end calendar day-to-day view
  • Added fastened quantity deposit possibility
  • Optimized the efficiency of the reserving shape procedure extra fast
  • Mounted reserving machine set of rules
  • Mounted computer virus on costs that use hundreds
  • Mounted computer virus on Date/Time picker on Finnish language
  • Mounted reserving that overrides salon last time


  • Mounted computer virus on reserving machine
  • Mounted back-end calendar day-to-day view hours illustration
  • Mounted assistants and products and services reserving regulations time durations
  • Stepped forward back-end calendar day-to-day view
  • If overall import is 0 no cost pending e-mail notification
  • Services and products disappeared after updates computer virus fastened
  • SSL test


  • Mounted computer virus on front-end when “exchange order” possibility is energetic


  • Mounted standing bar back-end calendar day-to-day view
  • “Create new person” possibility now could be disabled by way of default
  • Trojan horse on products and services customized order on back-end fastened
  • Trojan horse on assistant variety on front-end fastened
  • Trojan horse on reserving machine – reservations that overrides last time – fastened
  • Mounted computer virus on thousand separator on Stripe
  • Modified the “Services and products damage” durations choices
  • Added an alert on parallel reservations on back-end
  • Got rid of rollback to two.3
  • Added untraslateble textual content strings


  • Mounted computer virus on Assistant variety
  • Mounted computer virus on reserving machine ( overriding salon last time )
  • Mounted computer virus on reserving machine ( date availability when parallel reserving is to be had )


  • Mounted computer virus on reserving standing
  • Mounted computer virus on thousand separators
  • Required checkout shape fields choices on back-end
  • Added “Select an assistant for me” default possibility on front-end
  • Mounted deadly error on thanks web page after cost on PayPal


  • Mounted incompatibility with YITH Want listing and YITH Zoom magnifier
  • Mounted improper illustration of loose slots on back-end
  • Mounted Google Calendar sync problems
  • Mounted 0 error on password restoration
  • Added pagination to Consumers phase
  • Mounted computer virus on conditional secondary products and services
  • Mounted lacking new buyer e-mail notification
  • Mounted error on reserving machine with “exchange order” energetic


  • Mounted improper branches


  • Improper illustration of to be had slots on back-end time-picker
  • Google Calendar sync problems ( canceled reservations no longer deleted from G.A.)


  • Untraslatable textual content strings
  • Downside with date picker – date variety automated reset
  • Higlited absolutely booked dates
  • Stepped forward fields validation
  • Mounted some insects Reserving My Account web page
  • Minor restyling of news stats
  • Mounted new conflicts insects with Yoast plugin
  • Stepped forward back-end calendar – illustration of dayli availability, overall reservations and overall revenues according to day


  • Mounted computer virus with Yoast
  • Mounted computer virus with vacations regulations after 27 regulations


  • Mounted computer virus on associating products and services to assistant
  • Mounted computer virus for disappeared shoppers listing
  • Mounted computer virus on vacations regulations when greater than 27
  • Mounted computer virus on sending reminder to Canceled reservations
  • Mounted computer virus on YOAST warfare
  • Mounted computer virus on cellular number of products and services on checkbox


  • Mounted computer virus on reserving modifying
  • Fixex computer virus on “reserving” web page environment
  • Mounted computer virus on a lacking textual content string translation
  • Mounted computer virus on lacking reviews


  • Mounted computer virus on date picker of reserving regulations


  • Mounted computer virus with cyrillic alphabet
  • Vacations rule problems fastened
  • Stepped forward buyer seek
  • Stepped forward bookings seek with new filters
  • Mounted html markup computer virus into front-end reserving shape
  • Selective js and css loading of bootstrap recordsdata into the back-end
  • Dummy content material load as soon as fastened


  • Trojan horse with Woocommerce classes fastened
  • Trojan horse with “Settle for reservation” button fastened
  • Trojan horse with “E mail cope with lacking” when “Power visitor checkout” possibility is energetic fastened
  • Collection of shoppers on back-end reserving introduction for Salon Personnel person fastened
  • Timezone +9 on back-end calendar fastened
  • Reserving my account web page redesigned
  • Settings pages format progressed


  • Trojan horse fastened on timepicker when “exchange order” possibility used to be enabled
  • Trojan horse fastened on Including a reservation from back-end when no new shoppers possibility is chosen
  • Trojan horse fastened with French language
  • Compatibility factor with Function theme fastened
  • Reserving procedure pace optimization


  • SMS computer virus repair
  • Vacations regulations computer virus repair
  • File filter out computer virus repair


  • Ip1sms computer virus repair
  • Google Calendar reserving URL fastened
  • Got rid of CDN hyperlinks
  • Pages transition impact and date/time picker fastened
  • Resend e-mail notification possibility fastened
  • Again-end calendar day-to-day view fastened
  • Vacation regulations for assistants no longer stored fastened
  • Checkout as a visitor possibility ADDED
  • Reserving shape colour customization settings ADDED


  • Trojan horse fastened on reserving regulations
  • Trojan horse fastened with Google Calendar sync.
  • Trojan horse fastened with Vacations regulations for assistants
  • Restored alert message when choose a provider that overlaps the last time


  • Trojan horse fastened on date and time picker for French language
  • Trojan horse fastened on upload reserving from back-end when “Assistant variety” possibility isn’t energetic
  • Growth: date and time picker icons now clickable
  • Growth: added the reserving evaluate throughout the back-end calendar tool-tip
  • Mounted computer virus on reservation place on calendar day-to-day view
  • Mounted computer virus on reserving added from back-end by way of the Salon personnel


  • Trojan horse fastened with SMS and e-mail reminder
  • Trojan horse fastened with assistant variety
  • Trojan horse fastened with lacking translating phrases
  • Trojan horse fastened with provider drag&drop sorting
  • Trojan horse fastened with reservations added by way of back-end
  • Trojan horse fastened with 120 mins moderate consultation length
  • Trojan horse fastened with time picker of back-end bookings control


  • Trojan horse with Polish language


  • Trojan horse fastened on buyer seek inside of back-end reserving main points
  • Trojan horse fastened on double e-mail notification
  • Trojan horse fastened on including products and services to a reserving from back-end
  • Trojan horse fastened on improper standing for reserving with “handbook affirmation” possibility enabled


  • Salon personnel function computer virus repair
  • Parallel reserving computer virus repair
  • Time structure inside of Reserving My Account web page
  • Resend SMS verification code computer virus repair
  • Improper time structure inside of Calendar day-to-day view
  • Google Calendar syncronization criminal time computer virus repair
  • Growth back-end calendar weekly view
  • Entrance-end reserving shape restyling
  • Clean web page after reservation approval from back-end computer virus repair


  • Mounted computer virus on calendar day-to-day view
  • Mounted computer virus on SMS verification code
  • Mounted computer virus on Vacations regulations
  • Mounted minor CSS insects


  • Mounted Italian strings inside of Assistant and Provider element web page


  • Mounted computer virus with French and Deutsch languages
  • Mounted computer virus when cost on Paypal is cancelled
  • Mounted computer virus with “No longer to be had days” on products and services


  • Mounted factor with timezone on Google Calendar integration
  • Mounted computer virus with products and services costs over 2000 as worth


  • Mounted computer virus on reserving set of rules
  • Mounted factor with timezone on Google Calendar integration
  • Mounted factor on front-end date picker


  • Mounted computer virus on reserving set of rules
  • Mounted minor Php Warnings and Notices
  • Modified the order of Salon reserving back-end menù
  • Format enhancements to the back-end Calendar


  • Mounted computer virus on front-end
  • Mounted computer virus on front-end “error alert” on ultimate step
  • Mounted computer virus on automated updates alert


  • Mounted computer virus – Display choices
  • Mounted computer virus – Assistant overbooking
  • Mounted computer virus – SMS notifications no longer despatched
  • Mounted computer virus – Managing Services and products classes
  • Mounted computer virus – Customized message on disabled reserving
  • Mounted computer virus – Redirect web page with Handbook reserving affirmation possibility energetic
  • Mounted computer virus – Disguise value possibility lacking
  • Mounted computer virus – Google Calendar settings error loop
  • Modified textual content strings text-domain
  • CSS enhancements on front-end and back-end


  • Mounted computer virus on hour structure possibility


  • Mounted computer virus on Timezone problems
  • Mounted computer virus on to be had hours for “the next day bookings”
  • Mounted computer virus on products and services length calculation
  • Mounted computer virus on slot availability after reserving cancellation
  • Mounted computer virus on Plivo SMS notification sending on decided on assistant
  • Bookings, Services and products and Assistants back-end columns enhancements
  • Again-end calendar small enhancements ( added the title of the assistant on reservation element)
  • Date and time picker enhancements on cellular and capsules

1.3.1 25/11/2015

  • Mounted computer virus on time picker
  • Mounted computer virus on products and services length calculation

1.3.0 12/11/2015

  • Trojan horse on buyer login
  • Trojan horse on back-end bookings archive
  • Improper hyperlink throughout the license activation alert
  • Improper quantity on cost step when deposit is disabled

1.2.0 05/10/2015

  • minor front-end redesign
  • Unit according to hour computer virus repair
  • AM/PM time picker repair
  • different minor computer virus repair

1.1.0 15/09/2015

  • fastened css computer virus on time-picker
  • fastened computer virus on customized e-mail inside of e-mail notification template
  • fastened computer virus on “Reserving allowed from” time vary
  • minor css and mark-up fixes

1.0.6 27/07/2015

  • fastened computer virus on date picker (first week no longer bookable)
  • fastened css compatibility with twitter bootstrap based totally theme

1.0.5 07/07/2015

  • fastened WPML compatibility factor
  • fastened actual time availability keep an eye on on date/time picker
  • fastened reserving vary variety factor
  • fastened time-session moderate length computer virus

1.0.4 02/06/2015

  • Ajax loading possibility
  • Foreign money place possibility
  • New Deal with box
  • Time variety repair
  • Date picker fixes for Dutch and Norway languages
  • Lacking translations strings
  • Changed many english textual content strings

1.0.3 22/05/2015

Date-picker multi-languages strengthen repair

1.0.2 19/05/2015

Date-picker multi-languages strengthen repair

1.0.1 13/05/2015

  • Added “Assistant variety” possibility
  • Added “SMS Verification” possibility
  • Upload “Salon personnel” new customers function
  • Mounted reserving machine computer virus


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