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This Theme Just for WoWonder Script Model

Liked, is a theme for WoWonder Social PHP Script. To have this theme, first you will have to have WoWonder Script.

What’s Wowonder?

WoWonder is a social media platform, designed by means of Deen Doughouz. You’ll be able to get WoWonder Script here.

Beloved-Theme for WoWonder Social PHP Script - 1

The Liked Theme, additionally suitable with WoWonder Timeline Programs for Android, advanced by means of Elin Doughouz. You’ll be able to get it here. 

Beloved-Theme for WoWonder Social PHP Script - 2

Beloved-Theme for WoWonder Social PHP Script - 3

Beloved-Theme for WoWonder Social PHP Script - 4
(Consumer: demouser password: demouser)

You’ll be able to additionally sign up, or login together with your social media account, and take a look at its options.

Now: I’m to be had for customized subject matters, if you wish to have customized, touch me by means of strengthen tab or my e-mail:

I additionally use probably the most very best icon I am getting legally, from graphicrive, so you’ll save $ 15 for this icon.
I purchased a photograph, so as to add a decal, to the theme. See Stickers

See on-line documentation Beloved Documentation,



  • Suitable with WoWonder newest model
  • Suitable with WoWonder Timeline Programs
  • Fashionable Taste
  • Simple to switch colours, in admin panel
  • Decal for Remark and Chat
  • Extra Emoticon
  • Totally Responsive
  • Sticky Proper Sidebar
  • Sticky Left Sidebar
  • Google Subject matter Design
  • Neatly Documented


V 2.3.4 (19 April 2018).:

  • Make it suitable with wowonder script versi

V 2.3.3 (7 April 2018).:

  • Make it suitable with wowonder script versi

V 2.3.2 (3 April 2018).:

  • Make it suitable with wowonder script versi

V 2.3.1 (23 Murch 2018).:

  • Make it suitable with wowonder script versi 1.5.5
  • Upload preview symbol earlier than add from default theme wowonder.
  • Upload taste multy pictures from default wowonder.
  • Mounted some downside at app graph pages.

Model 2.3 (22 February 2018).

  • Improv Taste Pals Brithdays (test demo website online now).
  • Upload icon to newest job, newest merchandise, invate buddies, trending hashtag (location proper sidebar).
  • Mounted downside weblog loading.
  • Mounted downside taste at mozila browser.
  • optimize taste 404 pages
  • optimize taste clear out by means of.
  • optimize taste tale publish by means of
  • Take away sociale subject matters, so just one subject matters, is loved subject matters (so We will be able to focal point to design loved).

Model 2.2.2 (20 February 2018).

  • Including serve as, for other people my know simplest shows customers who use photograph profile
  • Improvisasi header promoting in timeline.
  • Upload header put it up for sale to weblog, learn weblog, and weblog class.
  • Upload header put it up for sale to discussion board, and films pages
  • Upload sidebar put it up for sale to learn weblog, in backside article.
  • Upload serve as to show well-liked articles by means of day, by means of week, by means of month.
  • Upload serve as to show well-liked weblog in response to maximum remark.
  • Upload serve as to show my depend tale.
  • Upload serve as to show my tale, so person can see his personal tale and depend in left sidebar.
  • Upload serve as to show depend my spice up publish, my spice up pages, my album.
  • Upload serve as to show depend hashtag (so other people can now, how a lot hastagh, once they click on hashtagh).
  • Upload extra decal.
  • Upload decal to writer field.
  • Upload well-known other people to pal gadget.
  • Upload Well-liked Weblog All instances earlier than header blogs pages.
  • Improvisation taste person tale after 4 publish in timeline.
  • Improv velocity weblog loading to ajax loading use default wowonder gadget.
  • Upload header seek pal within reach, use run avatar.
  • Mounted trojan horse pal gadget (show depend pal).
  • Improv taste left sidebar.
  • Upload well-known other people to proper sidebar (If person is registered and no longer apply well-known person, at start-up, he’s going to see it in proper sidebar to apply, Random show).
  • Substitute Location Well-known Folks with Well-liked Consumer, in response to maximum apply, or maximum pal, show after Well-known Customers in proper sidebar.
  • Upload header profile spice up pages, spice up publish, my pages, my staff, my album, header pages hashtagh.
  • Improv proper sidebar settings pages.
  • Improv proper sidebar pal within reach.
  • Improv taste 404 pages.
  • Improv taste announcement.
  • Improv person card profile at pages start-up.
  • Improv person card profile at discover and serach web page.
  • Improv taste writer field.
  • Exchange taste emoticon and decal tabs.
  • Upload on-line person to cell model, show in left sidebar.
  • And extra.

V2.2.1 (10 February 2018).:

  • Upload Purposes to show well-known person bassed in maximum fans
  • Improv writer field taste
  • Improv left sidebar taste
  • Mounted some insects in pal gadget
  • Mounted trojan horse welcome pages loved subject matters.

V.2.2 (05 February 2018).
Model 2.2

  • Upload Decal for: Feedback, Messeges Web page, Tab Chat, Tab Team Chat, and likewise upload Stickers on your Timeline Aplication Android iOS. (I Upload identical stickers with default wowonder desktop messenger).
  • Upload Emoticon Tab and Upload extra Emoticons for: Writer Field, Feedback, Messeges Web page, Tab Chat, Tab Team Chat, and likewise upload Emoticons on your Peckage Timeline Wowonder Aplication Android iOS by means of Api Publish.
  • Upload New Welcome Pages for Sociale Issues with Best possible Bubble Animation Background, and Improvitations Welcome Pages Liked Issues.
  • Upload New Taste for my Product with Beautyfull Types.
  • Upload Serve as to Show My Depend Product (person can see how a lot they product at pages My Product).
  • Upload New Taste for Marketplace Pages.
  • Upload New Header for Marketplace Pages.
  • Upload Serve as to show person depend articles (Consumer can see how a lot they articles has posted.
  • Upload New Taste Pages for My Blogs with show person profile and canopy, and depend articles, additionally overall depend perspectives for all they articles).
  • Upload Purposes to show Well-liked Writer in the event that they write articles. Bassed on vews each person. (Well-liked Writer Show after 4 Articles in Weblog Pages).
  • Upload Purposes to show My Well-liked Articles in This Week (each 7 days as soon as articles printed automated articles take away from My Well-liked Articles).
  • Upload Serve as to redirect writer weblog url from timeline with show person personal article (Instance, if click on named writer in article automated redirect to timeline with Show Consumer Articles in timeline).
  • Upload proper sidebar to proper weblog sidebar.
  • Upload header weblog to show class.
  • Upload New Taste for Films Pages, and make it suitable with cell model.
  • Upload Purposes to show depend How A lot person Stored Publish (person can see how a lot they stored posts).
  • Upload New Taste for Pages My Stored Publish.
  • Upload New Customized Title Icon Bassed on Subject matter Design Icon for Compatibel with All Browser and icon nonetheless show with out attach web (for instance icon nonetheless show in case you paintings in localhost identical as font superior self host).
  • Upload New Tab Chating for Messages Pages, with Beautifull Animations PopUp from Backside Pages.
  • Upload Customers Tale Tabs in Messages Pages (person can see buddies tale in tab messages chat).
  • Upload Slider Tab and Background for Simple In finding Frend Close by.
  • Upload modal popup in house pages for create tale, show in desktop additionally cell model.
  • Upload Tale show after 4 publish in timeline (with serve as if person depend tale 10 automated show in timeline after 4 publish, if person tale depend 9, 8, 7…. Or small depend from 10 no longer show in timeline).
  • Upload New Overall Taste for My Profiles Pages.
  • Upload New Modal PopUp to show detil person at tabs person profiles.
  • Upload Depend: How A lot Overall Articles Printed at Pages Consumer Profiles.
  • Upload Articles in Profile Pages. (Consumer can see personal articles, as a result of show in they profiles).
  • Upload New Overall Taste for Profiles Pages
  • Upload New Overall Taste for Teams Taste.
  • Upload Professional Member Show after 3 publish in timeline at cell model.
  • Upload button percentage to Whatsup Web site in publish timeline.
  • And a lot more…


  • Modified Icon for: Notifications, Messages, Surprise Icon, Dislike Icon and A lot Extra icon.
  • Modified Taste Sidebar Left.
  • Modified Taste Consumer Card for Folks Would possibly Know,.
  • Modified Taste Pages Card for Pages you might like.
  • Modified Taste Sidebar Proper, and Sidebar Left house pages.
  • And A lot Extra.


  • Improv Velocity Issues for quick loading.
  • Improv Mounted Sidebr to paintings tremendous with ajax loading (or smoth loading wowonder:. Instance in case you click on icon house web page in header, sticky sidebar nonetheless paintings tremendous with out misplaced serve as).
  • Improv Pal Nerby Taste
  • Improvitation Discover Pages with New Taste.
  • Improvitation Header Taste.
  • Improvitation mounted left sidebar.
  • Improv taste for Create New Pages, Create New Team.
  • Improf Taste for My Pages, My Teams.
  • Improvitation Weblog Taste for Best possible Revel in your customers.
  • Improv my Tournament Types
  • Improv discussion board kinds.
  • Improv My Album Types.
  • Improv My Stored Posts.
  • Improv House Web page Taste.
  • And A lot Extra.

V.2.1 (18 December 2017).

  • Make it suitable with wowonder script model 1.5.4.
  • Upload new taste for show person appreciated publish
  • New Characteristic coming quickly

v.2.0: (20 November 2017).

  • Make it suitable with wowonder model

v.1.9: (6 November 2017).

  • Mounted Trojan horse Built-in Practice Machine with Pal Machine in a single subject matters
  • Mounted Sime Trojan horse.

v1.8: (30 October 2017).

  • Integration apply gadget and pal gadget in a single theme.
  • Improf left sidebar in cell model.
  • Mounted some trojan horse.

v1.7 (22 October 2017)

  • Make it suitable with wowonder model
  • Upload yet one more theme. Now come with two subject matters.
  • Upload button menu for cell model.
  • Upload PNG Icon for all options.
  • Exchange taste left sidebar.
  • Exchange taste left menus sidebar.
  • Exchange taste person standing.
  • Transfer the circula menu to every other theme (sociale theme).
  • And plenty of extra….

v1.6 (9 October 2017)

  • Repair downside on the welcome web page slider
  • And a few others.

v1.5 (8 October 2017)

  • Improvisation Films Taste (Exchange identical icon at header film, and remark).
  • Improvisation width house web page.
  • Improvisation Occasions Taste (Upload icon, and others).
  • Improvisation taste for remark weblog (Upload icon, and others).
  • Improvisation chat taste.
  • Improvisation messages taste
  • Upload circula menu (visual to all pages).
  • Exchange taste writer field.
  • Exchange taste clear out by means of.
  • Make disable button surprise/dislike for remark and answer remark.
  • And a lot more … See for your self.

v1.4 (3 October 2017)

  • Make it suitable with wowonder script model 1.5.3.
  • Upload circula menu.
  • Upload slide menus, for marketplace classes, and blogs.
  • Upload slide for cell model, to show proper sidebar.
  • Make discussion board can show by means of cell model.
  • Exchange welcome web page taste.
  • Exchange icon left sidebar.
  • Exchange taste house web page.
  • Exchange taste pages.
  • Exchange taste staff.
  • Exchange taste marketplace.
  • Exchange taste person timeline.
  • Exchange taste timeline for android timeline app and iOS WoWonder.
  • Exchange button apply like aplication UI.
  • Exchange person card taste.
  • Exchange taste person profile.
  • Exchange taste other people you might know.
  • Exchange identical merchandise taste in proper sidebar.
  • And a lot more … See for your self.

v.1.3 (8 September 2017)

  • Make it suitable with WoWonder script 1.5.2
  • Exchange litle taste for house web page
  • Exchange Welcome Web page Taste
  • Added Slide Menu
  • Exchange Marketplace Taste
  • Exchange Class Taste for Marketplace and Weblog
  • Improvisation left sidebar taste
  • Added avatar for tab staff chat
  • Added avatar for tab person chat
  • Modified person dropdown menu with slide menu

v.1.2 (1 August 2017)

  • Added Sticky Proper Sidebar
  • Improvisation Sticky Left Sidebar
  • Added Google Subject matter Icon
  • Improvisation of House Web page Perspectives
  • Improvisation Chating Web page
  • Transparent some insects.

v1.1.0 (24 July 2017)

– Preliminary Liberate

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